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DIY 5D Diamond Painting Kit for Adults with 2 Full Drill Canvases and Tools (Mandala)

ASIN: B07S7863YX

5D Diamond Painting Set - Set of 2-17.7 x 12 inch & 12 x 12 inch - with Tools - Multi

  • This complete DIY diamond painting kit includes everything you need to create 2 beautiful paintings featuring a blue blooming geometric flower and a bright colored kaleidoscope mandala floral pattern design that are created using round diamond rhinestones.
  • Diamond painting is fun yet rewarding once you see the finished results and are great for both kids, teens, and adults; Have fun creating beautiful works of art while simultaneously reducing stress, enhancing self-control, self confidence and creativity
  • Set includes 2 paintings, bags of 5D round diamonds and 2 packs of tools that includes 1 tray, 2 applicator pens, 2 gel pads, 5 clear bags and 40 label stickers. All items come packaged in a sturdy, colorful box
  • Easy to use: Unroll canvas to flatten it, peel up plastic film covering your canvas, match the legend with the diamonds you would like to place choosing one color diamond at a time, pour diamonds onto tray and shake gently to align diamonds in a row. Dip applicator pen into gel pad and use it to pick up diamonds from tray and place onto desired location. Once design is completed, carefully and firmly press diamonds into the canvas to secure the glue bond. Frame your masterpiece and enjoy!
  • Canvas dimensions: Kaleidoscope Mandala: 17.7 x 11.8 inches, Geometric Blue Flower: 12 x 121 inches
  • ASIN: B07S7863YX