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Rotary Paper Cutter Cutting Tool for Fabric Paper Leather Felt Sewing Craft


  • CUT ANYTHING: Use this rotary cutter to cut through multiple layers of fabric, leather or paper.
  • COMFORT HANDLE: The handle is curved and designed to fit nicely in your hand.
  • CUT STRAIGHT: Use the cutter to make the exact cuts you need in clothes making and crafts.
  • RETRACTABLE: The blade is safe to use with a retract button to keep the blade encased.
  • DIMENSIONS: The cutter measures 6.75 x 2 x 0.75 inches. The blade has a 43mm diameter.

A rotary cutter is an essential tool for many craftspeople. This particular one can cut through many layers of fabric, paper or even vinyl and leather. Make straight cuts every time. It's perfect for those who make garments and clothing. The blade is very sharp and is retractable so it's safe to use. However, the tool shouldn't be used by kids due to the sharp blade and danger that could come along with that. The cutter itself measures 6.75 x 2 x 0.75 inches and the blade has a 43mm diameter.