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Beginners Kite Flyers with Tail for Kids (6 Pack)


Kite - 6-Pack Kite Flyer with Colorful Tale and Single Line, Fly Toys for Kids, Beginners, Adult, Family Outdoor Games, Activiti

  • FLY A KITE: You can really fly these colorful kites with fun themes. Building priceless memory with your family by enjoy this colorful fun kite in the nearest park or beach!
  • VARIETY: This pack includes 6 pack of kites in 3 different design, amusement park, lion and tiger, and mermaid. 2 for each design. Each kites comes with rainbow tale that will fly vividly in the wind.
  • KID SIZED: The spool is the perfect size for a kids hand and allows them to fly the kite. One of the best thing of these kites is that they requires no assembly. Run and launch the kite in the wind!
  • DEVELOP COORDINATION: Learning how to lanuch and control a kite is a perfect training to improve child's physical and mental capacities, by helping hand-eye coordination and critial thinking.
  • DIMENSIONS: The body measures 36 x 19.5 inches and the tale measures 39 inches long.
  • ASIN: B07H2B5VCY