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Gift Wrapping Paper Roll (Pack of 3, Gold, 30in. x 18 ft.)


Bright Creations Gift Wrapping Paper Roll – Pack of 3 – 30 inches x 18 feet – Gold

  • This packing material comes in a classic style with its solid color to make your gifts look more stylish.
  • Perfect for holiday, birthday, Christmas, weddings, graduation gift wrap this wrapping paper is also great for home décor.
  • This solid wrapping paper comes with a shrink film to prevent it from getting scratched and reduce the formation of dust over it.
  • Made from high-quality birthday wrap paper this wrapping will not tear or rip apart and has a smooth glossy finish on it.
  • One pack consists of 3 rolls with each measuring 30 inches x 18 feet in size which is large enough for most gifts.