Bright Creations Green Water Tubes for Flower Arrangements – Pack of 30

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Floral Water Tubes/Vials for Flower Arrangements,30 Pack - Green

  • The easiest way to keep a flower fresh this flower drying kit locks water inside a flower for a longer time than normal.
  • These plastic plant cleaners are easy to assemble and thus play an important role in the flower arrangement.
  • These flower bouquet supplies are used by the best florists around for keeping their bouquets fresh.
  • One pack contains 30 tubes that are ample enough to arrange flowers in one big bouquet.
Product Description

Used to keep your flowers fresh for a longer time this floral water tube serves an important purpose. Water picks are small tubes with a rubber cap in which you can insert the flower stems. Pik tubes can be placed into soil or floral foam to create arrangements for use in your home, garden. One pack consists of 30 tubes and are used by the best florists for a floral arrangement.


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