Goose Feathers for Crafts, Costumes, Decorations, 12 Colors (6-8 in, 150 Pieces)

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Feathers for Crafts, Goose Feather (12 Colors, 6-8 In, 150 Pieces)

  • Rainbow Goose Feathers: Use this set of 150 goose feathers to craft a wide variety of custom dream catchers, pillows, and feather boas; the versatile rainbow feathers can also be used to embellish hats, costumes, and clothing
  • 12 Colors: The feather set includes 12 rainbow colors: red, orange, gold, yellow, green, light blue, turquoise, blue, lavender, purple, pink, and black
  • Customized Party Decorations: Add this set of goose feathers to your party supplies to create one-of-a-kind table centerpieces and floral arrangements for an upcoming wedding reception, baby shower, or birthday party
  • Reliable Quality: Our craft feathers are made from natural goose feathers that won’t easily fade or lose their shape over time; each goose feather measures between 6-8 inches; easily cut to your desired length and size
Product Description

Add this set of 150 bulk goose feathers to your arts and crafts supplies to start crafting custom jewelry, pillows, blankets, and DIY projects. Create custom dining table centerpieces or wedding centerpieces, or craft wall hangings for an upcoming kids birthday party, anniversary, or bridal shower! The versatile natural feathers will effortlessly elevate your party decor. Each colored feather measures between 6-8 inches, perfectly sized to trim the brim of a hat, jacket, or feather boa. Add the long goose feathers to your Halloween costume or cosplay outfit to show off your unique style.


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