Brown Cardboard Tubes for Crafts, DIY Craft Paper Roll (1.6 x 4.7 in, 36 Pack)

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Cardboard Tubes, Craft Paper Roll (Brown, 1.6 x 4.7 In, 36 Pack)

  • Cardboard Tubes: These are craft tubes for DIY art projects and group art projects; the cardboard tubes for crafts can be used in the classroom or for at-home projects
  • Perfect For: This pack is ideal for DIY crafts projects; great for kids to express creativity; the brown cardboard rolls can be cut, glued, painted, and assembled into a variety of shapes and structures
  • High Quality: The durable craft rolls are made from quality cardboard paper that does not easily crumple when held or painted
  • Dimensions: Each cardboard tube measures 1.6 x 4.7 inches; you will receive 36 brown empty paper tubes
Product Description

These brown cardboard tubes for crafts are the perfect base material for all kinds of art projects and DIY craft needs! Kids can create funny faces, flowers, animals, ornaments, and more. Use the sturdy paper cardboard tubes at home, in the office, or at school. Paint and glue won’t leave the craft tubes soggy, and the high-quality craft rolls can be cut to different lengths according to your needs. You will receive 36 brown paper tubes for crafts


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