Glassine Paper Roll for Artwork, Transparent Paper Protection for Drawings, Crafts, Documents, Photos, Projects, and Baked Goods, Classroom Supplies (17.5 Inches x 25 Yards)

SKU: LJ-ZQSTA-072420-01-1

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  • Glassine Paper for Artwork: Use this 25-yard glassine roll to protect important and valuable documents, drawings, and photographs from accidental damage
  • Versatile: This translucent paper can also be used to display baked goods such as cookies, brownies, candy, and other sweet treats, making them more visually appealing and irresistible to customers
  • pH Neutral: Glassine paper is naturally air, water, and grease resistant, making it the ideal paper for storing and shipping items that could be easily damaged, such as stamps, film, and photographs
  • Dimensions: The 17.5 inch x 25-yard glassine rolls provide ample space for various artwork sizes and can be easily cut to fit the specific requirements of the artwork
  • Package Contents: You’ll receive 1 roll in total; just what you need to protect your work from tearing, crumpling, or other forms of damage that may occur during storage or transportation
  • ASIN: b08dn9btmg
Product Description

Preserve your cherished artwork and display your baked goods with this versatile glassine roll, the perfect protective solution for your valuable pieces. Made with pH-neutral material, this high-quality paper guarantees your artwork and baked goods will remain safe from substances that may cause damage over time. Designed as a slip sheet, this glassine art paper ensures that your artwork and baked goods remain pristine during storage or transportation. The slip sheet feature allows easy movement without any smudging or damage to the surface, preventing it from getting dirty or stained. The versatility of the 17.5-inch x 25-yard rolls provides ample space for a variety of artwork sizes and baked goods and can be easily cut to fit your specific requirements. The sturdy weight of the paper provides support, protecting your artwork and baked goods from tearing, crumpling, or other forms of damage that may occur during handling or storage. Not only does this glassine roll provide protection, but it also adds an element of beauty to your artwork and baked goods. The translucent paper showcases the colors and details of your pieces while adding an elegant touch. As an artist or baker, your work is a reflection of your passion and creativity. This translucent roll helps you preserve your hard work and keep it safe for years to come. With this roll, you can rest assured that your artwork and baked goods are protected from dust, moisture, and other elements that can cause damage. Investing in this product is an investment in the longevity of your artwork and baked goods. You can enjoy your pieces for years to come without worrying about any damage. Protect your artwork and baked goods and preserve their beauty with this glassine art paper roll. Order now and give your pieces the protection and care they deserve.


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